Geometric Type

                 The members of Team Boom were Alexandria Maniak, Meghan Rafferty, Jillian Kucharski, Idrees Mutahr and I. The first step we took in the project, was to define what geometric meant. We define geometric as simple shapes and lines. Like triangles, circles, and squares. Some of the characteristics were straight lines, clean sharp angles and full or half circles. In addition to that, the letterforms had to have some kind of mass to them. In the second step we divided the alphabet to five or so letters to each member of the group. The third step was to go find the letterforms in the real world. Next, the fourth step was to analyze and evaluate the letters and see if the letters actually match the description. Finally, the fifth step was to edit the letters black and white and make them standout from the background with the contrast. The overall outcome was great. There was just a few minor suggested changes to the letterforms we got from the critique. I would have never imagined the outcome.

                What I learned from the project was how to work with a team better. I also learned that if you look hard enough, you will find all the letters in the alphabet around you. What surprise the most was the final end product and how well most of the letters came together and created a cohesive font. What worked for us was the contrast of the black and white we applied on the letters, which made the letters be recognize instantly. The other thing what worked for us was the nice presentation layout we had. We had three rows of ten letterforms and made it look neat. Also, we intuitively spaced the type equally from each other, which created this nice visual balance between the letters and made it look neat. Things that could have been improved were a few letters that could be retouched, applying the same contrast to the rest of the type and have the images have the same width and height. These improvements would have created a stronger unity between the typeface. This is all for now. Until next-time.



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