Resources: Graffuturism

Check out, the website is mainly focuses on graffiti, but they also have  gallery events, murals and interviews. The website uploads some impressive stuff. I can assure you won’t be disappointed and be sure to go through the entries. Here’s the link.

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Postscript_ is a programming language or computer language that describes a page text or visual graphics. Opentype_ is a format for scalable computer fonts. Typeface_ is a range of fonts that make up a family with a shared similar design. Cap-Height_ refers to the height of a capital letter above the baseline for a typeface. Font_ is a particular size, weight and style […]


PROJECT 2: Font Mannerisms

The goal of this project was to analyze, handset, characterize pattern, variations and design in the font that was assigned to you.I was given the the font Futura.The second part, we had to do was to visually communicate the anatomy of a letter. Finally the part three, we had to   When I heard that I […]

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