Postscript_ is a programming language or computer language that describes a page text or visual graphics.

Opentype_ is a format for scalable computer fonts.

Typeface_ is a range of fonts that make up a family with a shared similar design.

Cap-Height_ refers to the height of a capital letter above the baseline for a typeface.

Font_ is a particular size, weight and style of a typeface.

Glyph_ an elemental symbol within an agreed set of symbols.

Connotation_ a positive or negative association that a word would naturally carry.

Denotation_ is  the precise definition of a word that is found in a dictionary.

Some Type Classifications_

Modern Type_ is a style of typeface developed in the late 18th century that continued through much of the 19th century. Characterized by high contrast between thick and thin Strokes and flat, hairline serifs, Modern fonts are harder to read than previous and later typestyles developed for text.

Transitional Type_ in the 1700s,typefaces evolved from Old Style to Modern. Usually typefaces from the 18 century were named Transitional. Contrast between  thick and thin strokes are greater than the Old Style type. Also, the stress on rounded letterforms have a less diagonal axis. Lowercase letters have a straight serif.

Humanist Type_ are typefaces that have calligraphic quality to them. A couple of characteristics they have are small x-height and  a low contrast between thick and thin strokes.

Slab Serif_ is a serif typeface that has thick and blocky serifs at the top and bottom.

Sans Serif_ is a category of typefaces that do not use a serif at the end of each letterform.


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