Research_1: VirusFon+s

What VirusFonts is all about:

“Virus is the font foundry of Jonathan Barnbrook and Barnbrook design. Founded in 1997, it seeks to produce experimental, innovative and usable fonts. Letterforms which truly express the spirit of the age and reflect the complexity or language that we use.

While I was exploring the website, I stumble upon the san-serif typeface “State Machine”;which I find interesting and appealing.The typeface has some interesting characteristics. If you look at the upper-case “H” crossbar has a small vertical line. The lower-case “i” has a plus sign instead of  a dot. Also, the “X” has a horizontal line cross it. Furthermore, lower-case “t” looks like a plus sign and the “s” has a vertical line down the middle,it looks like the money sign. Finally, the “O” has the hair cross in the bowl (inside) of the “o”. The letterforms were based on the lettering that were on the American ad Russian military vehicles during the Cold War.I presume the typeface was created in  2004.

Link to VirusFon+s Website

pdf_State Machine typeface

state_machine_demibold state_machine_medium state_machine_bold


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