While I was procrastinating on wether or not to upload  the three images for the type crimes. I was pondering that if want become extremely good at design maybe I should ask the top people in the industry. I looked up on google the top graphic designers and got a list of them. Stefan Sagmeister stood out to me because recently in my intro to graphic software class, we had an assignment on designing a poster. Danielle showed us some examples of some posters and then there was a poster of a guy that craved letters into his skin(yeah, his actual skin) in his torso(crazy right?) and it happen to be Sagmiester. Then I clicked on his website. I was actually going to sent him an email to see  what books or advice he would recommend to a design student like me.But then I found a category  where he answered some interesting questions. The website has answers to on running a studio and being a design student to name a few. If you guys want to check it out; Here’s the link to the website.You might learn a thing or two.



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