We were assigned for project 4 to create a book from all the work we created in Typography 1. The book is a summary of the work. This was intense semester for me. The first step in creating  the book was to gather blog entries from this blog and place it in the book.The next step was to play with the line length, leading,text texture to chose the body text for our step was to print out some pages to see how it looks on paper because what you see on the screen is NOT what you get on paper. This project was a challenge me because I  changed the book design  about three times already and Im currently still struggling to chose a design that I like. The typeface I decided to go with for the book was Gill Sans. I use Gill Sans light for the body text and the size was 10/13. I chose Gill Sans because the typeface is clean, sharp, elegant, and gives a variety of fonts and I was going for a clean, elegant, sharp, and minimal look to it. For the titles I use Gill Sans Bold at 20/23. This gave me enough contrast between the fonts so that, when the reader views it the first thing there going to look at is the title and the images and finally the body text.It was a challenge for me. The whole process had been crazy hectic for me because I have been all over the place in terms of choosing a font, brainstorming ideas ,sorting through images, adding and deleting content, printing,and achieving nice layouts.I kept going back and fore trying to figure out how make a nice book. For me to finish on time I had delete about half of the actual book as I had originally planned to have.What I learned from this project was that I need to management my time more efficiently. I didn’t set aside the require time of each step of the process to create the book.  Here’s the Body Text Exercises. Some of the body text  in the pdf will appear that there is no spaces in between words thats because some of the fonts are missing and I don’t own them, their from school. Im uploading this blog from my laptop.



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