While I was procrastinating on wether or not to upload  the three images for the type crimes. I was pondering that if want become extremely good at design maybe I should ask the top people in the industry. I looked up on google the top graphic designers and got a list of them. Stefan Sagmeister stood out to me […]


Type Crimes

Horizontal & Vertical Scaling(38)– The proportions of the letters have been digitally distorted  to create wider or narrower letter. Pseudo Italics(48)– are wide, ungainly forms that mechanically skewed letters that look forced and unnatural.  Scale Type(41)-Some typefaces that work well at large sizes look too fragile when reduced in size.  Scale Contrast(42)-Minimal differences in type size […]

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Resource: 36 Days of Type

     “36 Days of Type began when Barcelona-based graphic designers Nina Sans and Rafa Goicoechea first decided to challenge themselves and a few colleagues to design one letter each day and post them on their Instagram feed, setting daily personal design challenges and experimenting new approaches.      The main inspiration to create the project came when Victor Bregante, graphic […]

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